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Louie Collins E46 330Ci

Louie Collins E46 330Ci

After owning a 318i Saloon, Louie Collins decided to step up to a 330Ci and over a year of ownership has added a tasteful selection of subtle modifications.

Sohail Ahmed E46 M3

Sohail Ahmed E46 M3

Atlantis blue might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely for Sohail, who has put together a very tidy-looking M3 Cab


Tech Guides | Clutches

Ever wondered what clutches are and how they work? Check out our technical guide for a full break down from our resident expert.


Rob’s E30 318i

Some of you may remember in my first report I said I was hoping to enter my first sprints in May. Well, as I write this we are in the twilight of April; May is just around the corner and, as you can see, the old E30 is not quite there yet. Best laid plans and all that…

Hack Engineering’s E30 316i Touring

Hack  Engineering’s E30 316i Touring

Some of you reading this may remember this car from a couple of years ago, when it appeared in this very section. It was previously a shared project with contributor Ben Morley but with him having children left right and centre, I decided I’d buy it from him and take over the project.