Our Cars | Darren’s E82 118d

I haven’t been able to do a lot on the car over the last few months due to changing job roles and buying a house, it’s been a bit full on!

At the moment I’ve been gathering parts more than building the car. I’ve now ordered my turbo and wastegates and I’ve decided to go with a proven turbo for the N54, a Precision 6266 which is on its way, and this should get me up in the high 600hp bracket. I’ve also ordered two 40mm Turbosmart wastegates. I need these to arrive before I can finish my manifold off with the flange and wastegate locations.


Also my huge chargecooler has been delivered; it seems to be the way to go now – we have tested it out on a few cars and it’s working so it made sense to stick with it and keep the intake temps down.

My radiator is here too, as well as my power steering cooler and oil cooler. The issue we are having is there isn’t a huge amount of room in front of the engine so we either need to somehow squeeze it all on the standard front panel or just ditch it and completely tube the front end and be able to put things wherever we want. We will spend a little bit of time working out the best way to do this and keep it as tidy as possible.


The new front bumper has also arrived from BMW! It cost an arm and a leg but I never wanted to use aftermarket/fibreglass panels on this project; others have and they look good but I said from the start I wanted to keep as many genuine BMW parts as possible. I now have most of the panels apart from the bonnet, roof and bootlid but I already know what I want to buy.

Somehow I’ve found a used pair of Revosport carbon side skirts which I’m going to use; these will look awesome once I get the carbon front lip and diffuser and while they are a little different to stock 1M skirts I’m sure they will suit the car once it’s finished.

Most of the manifold is TIG-welded now but we are just waiting on the parts to finish it. We will concentrate on the front panel and I’m going to push for the next big step and get the shell painted. Then the fun will begin to put the massive jigsaw puzzle together and start thinking about the finishing touches like wheels! I know I want to run 19s and what style and colours I want I just need to find the perfect rims to suit…


Fingers crossed next month I’ll have the shell ready for paint and the manifold and front panel finished with all the rads and coolers mounted and the pipework in place. Though that is possibly wishful thinking…

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