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Valve clearance is an important part of servicing on the S54 and while I had admittedly put mine off and was just doing oil services on it after two or three odd track days, I simply couldn’t put it off any longer…

BMW dealers and independents carry out valve clearance at every Inspection II but I didn’t want to fork out for that so I booked my M3 in with Hack Engineering just for the clearance using genuine shims. Knowing Hack on a personal level made it an easy choice leaving my car with it.



The clearance has to be done with a stone cold engine so the only option was to drop the car off one evening for the job to be carried out the next day. In my absence from the car I had a rolling commentary of the work going on; all the tolerances were perfect on the intake side and it wasn’t until the second one in on the exhaust cam, then another further down the block was a gap found. Now, these were unwanted gaps and it just shows how important it is to keep on top of your clearances as one gap had caused a score on the cam lobe and the other had actually slightly flat-spotted it.


Every car done by Hack Engineering gets a full log chart of all clearances so this can be kept in the history of the work. I had trouble believing my valve clearance had been done before as I didn’t have any proof, but I guess seeing as only two shims were needed they must have been…



Hack Engineering



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