Jeremy Clarkson’s Rallycross BMW up for Grabs

He was never known for his sympathy towards the cars he bought for Top Gear’s ‘cheap car challenges’, but somehow Jeremy Clarkson’s E36 3 Series, which was transformed into a rallycross car for the series is still going strong. And it could be yours for £3,995.


The car in question featured in Season 18, episode 7, during which Messrs Clarkson, Hammond and May converted cheap cars into rallycross racers while trying to identify a fun, cheap entry-level motorsport (check out: The BMW Clarkson chose comes in the much admired 328i Coupe trim and – until the cast of Top Gear got hold of it – was standard. This didn’t last long as, in order to please the scrutineers at Lydden Hill rally cross circuit, the car was modified for safety. Features added by Clarkson’s team include a Safety Devices roll cage, upgraded coil-over suspension including poly-bushes, Perspex side windows and all the usual split-pin fixtures and emergency cut-off switches.



From the details listed on the advert over on Race Cars Direct, the vendor does note that despite its renowned build quality the BMW didn’t come out of the episode unscathed. To return it to a more fitting state of repair it required a new grille, bumper, radiator and cylinder head. But don’t look on this as bad news because at the same time as fixing the car it was returned to road legality – all done through what the ad says is a long-term BMW specialist. It is even MOT’d until June 2017…444926

So is this a bargain or an overpriced shed?

For fans of the series who want a slice of usable memorabilia in which they can have both on- and off-road fun four grand seems like a decent deal. If you’re just looking for something cheap and trackable, it might be worth looking elsewhere!

You can find the advert here:

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