Milltek Exhaust Upgrade for F-Series Models

If you’ve got a factory exhaust system with valve control or a Milltek system with electronic valves, the company’s new ValveSonic Plus exhaust control will definitely be of interest. After several months of development and testing with its technical partners in central Europe, Milltek has been able to create a completely new upgrade system that offers even greater control of exhaust tone and flow characteristics with increased levels of integration to the vehicle’s CAN BUS system. What’s unique about the ValveSonic Plus system is that it integrates exhaust valve control into the existing multi-function steering wheel buttons. It also allows over 138 parameters to be adjusted; these new settings include options to control the system by the drive, control for the valves while the car is in warm-up or cold start cycle, throttle position and within each gear. ValveSonic Plus is available for a wide range of BMW F models from 2012 onwards, including the M135i and M3 and M4.



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