Piers’ E46 330i Touring

Autumn… “Years slip away and I get older, leaves hit the ground and it gets colder” (Jungle Brothers – Beyond this world). A simple one this month but really important!

One Sunday the car didn’t start! No sparks, nothing, dead as the perverbial Dodo! I live on a hill with a one in three slope and the car is a manual so once we pushed the old girl off the drive we got rolling and a bump start later we were on our way. Tuesday and colder, the same thing. It always surprises me how heavy steering and brakes are without the assistance!!

A quick trip to Euro Car Parts and and bish, bash, Bosch, a new battery. The one removed looks like the original BMW one so after 13 years service it’s probably time for it to go to battery heaven. A few tips: Bosch battery S4 008 is the model, £108 is the cost. Sockets required are 10mm, 13mm and a Phillips screwdriver. Take the negative terminal off first, pull the old battery out, put the new one in not forgetting to transfer and reconnect the vent tube and job’s a goodun! The car starts much more easily now and everything seems brighter but maybe that’s just my imagination!


Next month things get interesting as the mods start in earnest: coilovers, top mounts, reinforcement plates, anti-roll bars, strut brace and more… much more!


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