Powerflex F8x M2, M3 and M4 diff bushes

Powerflex is now offering differential mounting bushes for the F87 M2, F80 M3 and F82 and F83 M4. Powerflex developed these bushes in partnership with Palmersport in response to a problem experienced by the latter with its fleet of rental M4s, where frequent failure of the mounting bushes was causing the diff to move and knock. The Powerflex replacements enable owners to solve the problem before it occurs. Powerflex offers both complete replacement bushes or inserts to stiffen the original BMW bushes. Two Rear Diff Front Mounting Bushes are available; PFR5-4025 is a replacement bush that includes aluminium sleeves with built in support to increase control of rear diff movement; while PFR5-4026 is another replacement bush that again features a built in support washer, providing further stability of the diff under acceleration. The PFR5-4027 Rear Diff Front Mounting Bush Insert fits into each of the original front mounting bushes.

It includes support washers and is a fast way to increase the stability of the rear diff on bushes that are not worn or perished. Finally, PFR5-4028 Rear Diff Rear Mounting Bush Insert fits into the voids in the original bush and is held in place by a large support washer to provide further stability and movement control. For vehicles used in Motorsports or predominately on track, these parts are also available in the Powerflex Black Series range, which is manufactured using a 95 Shore A compound that boasts 25% increased stiffness over the Powerflex Purple 80 Shore A performance material. Powerflex bushes offer improved reliability over the original parts and, of course, carry a lifetime warranty.

Price: PFR5-4025 £215.76 per set; PFR5-4026£71.94 each; PFR5-4027 £81.36 per set; PFR5-4028 £51.54 each. All prices include VAT.

Web: www.powerflex.co.uk

Tel: 01895 460033

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