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Out Cars | Sam’s E46 M3

Valve clearance is an important part of servicing on the S54 and while I had admittedly put mine off and was just doing oil services on it after two or three odd track days,...

Our Cars | Piers’ E46 330i Touring

After a quick weekend break across the most expensive stretch of water in the world to the IOW, summer hols have given me a bit of time to get on with another major job,...

Our Cars | Darren’s E82 118d

I haven’t been able to do a lot on the car over the last few months due to changing job roles and buying a house, it’s been a bit full on! At the moment...

Our Cars | Lou’s E92 M3

Desperately trying to hold back my tears and keep it together as my husband, Dan, read out his beautifully penned renewal vows to me, I thought I misheard the last line: “And how could...

Paul’s E36 328i

While there is nothing wrong with the perfectly-formed visage of the E36 328, of course, you do have to agree, when it comes to finely-chiselled good looks, its bigger brother, the M3, got a slightly defter swish of the designer’s brush.

Ben’s E36 Touring

The big news this month for the S54 Touring has been the addition of a set of CAtuned coilovers. I’ve been eying them up for a while now, and as Hack Engineering has made them easily available in the UK, the time had come.

Sam’s E46 M3

Sam’s BMW E46 M3 gets some sexy Apex Racing ARC-8s

Steven’s E31 850Ci

See what issues Steven’s been having with his BMW E31 850Ci

Thorney Motorsport’s F82 M4

The M4, well, it’s an M3 really but if BMW want to ruin the whole idea of sports coupés being called M3 then I guess we are stuck with the name, so we might as well work with it. You might say I’m an M3 geek.

Rob’s E30 318i

Some of you may remember in my first report I said I was hoping to enter my first sprints in May. Well, as I write this we are in the twilight of April; May is just around the corner and, as you can see, the old E30 is not quite there yet. Best laid plans and all that…