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Oddball: Morgan Aeromax

Throughout history there have been cases of great and not so great combinations of car manufacturers and nations. Citroen and Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Nissan – two combinations that saw different nations coming together...

Oddball: Bob Cruzan’s Gatsby Cabriolet

We love the Internet. You can spend hours on a virtual stroll and come across numerous unique and fascinating things that you’ve never come across before. Like this car, for example, which came to...

Oddball: De Tomaso Guara

An edgy, Italian sports car is probably not what you expected to find from Performance BMW magazine, but hold up – this one has a difference, in the form of numerous BMW parts being used throughout...

Clive Littlechild’s Nissan S14a Silvia

No, you’re not going mad – that really is a Nissan being featured on our website. But hold up, it’s not just any old piece of Jap tin – this one has a BMW...

Tech Guide – Gearboxes Part 1

So, why do we even need a gearbox? Let’s face it, the engine is spinning and so why can we not just connect it to the rear wheels to produce the required drive through a clutch?

Chris Knight E46 330Ci Clubsport

Chris has owned his rather lovely E46 Clubsport for a year now and has spent his time fixing the car up as, in his words, it had been neglected a little

Louie Collins E46 330Ci

After owning a 318i Saloon, Louie Collins decided to step up to a 330Ci and over a year of ownership has added a tasteful selection of subtle modifications.

Sohail Ahmed E46 M3

Atlantis blue might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely for Sohail, who has put together a very tidy-looking M3 Cab

Tech Guides | Clutches

Ever wondered what clutches are and how they work? Check out our technical guide for a full break down from our resident expert.